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Exhibition interpreter                                            

Exhibition is a very important event in the business life of each company, especially when it comes to exhibitions held in a foreign country. It is not easy to prepare printed materials, timely transport your product to the event and communicate with the visitors with other language and culture.

We are glad to help you in arranging your exhibition in Russia. Our technical exhibition interpreter is a person who not only translates from one language to another. The English-Russian interpreter has a ten-year experience of exhibiting complex technical products such as sheet metal forming machines, metal cutting tools and woodworking machines. The exhibition interpreter is skilled in communicating with a large amount of people, attracting clients to the exhibition stand and has an experience of selling imported products.

Holding a degree in engineering, the translator can provide a complete technical support to your visitors. During the exhibition, all staff of your booth becomes the face of the company. Be sure that the appearance of our interpreter will successfully add an image to your company.

Technical translator is available for the following industrial exhibitions in Russia:

Exhibition and the city

N of days

BLECH (Snt. Petersburg)


Voronezh Industrial Forum (Voronezh)


Metalloobrabotka (Moscow)


RosMould (Moscow)


TechnoForum (Izhevsk)


Stankostroenie (Moscow)


Weldex (Moscow)


Mashex (Moscow)


Lesdrevmash (Moscow)



Additionally we would like to offer you the following services:


  •         Technical translation and page-proofing of catalogues, booklets , manuals and other technical documentation. 4-8 Euro/page.
  •           Pre-exhibition servicing: creating and sending invitation letters to your potential customers and dealers, placing adverts in relevant magazines and etc. (price is  a subject to an agreement). 
  •        After-exhibition servicing: translation of inquiries and offers, sending information to the visitors (price is a subject to an agreement).

Please don't hesitate contact us:



Russian Federation,
Moscow, Solianka str., b. 1
Voronezh, Leninskyi prospect, b.20
Contact person:
Lubov Vanina
e-mail: lv(at)lv-translate.ru
skype: vanilig
Tel.:  +7 980 245 49 13


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